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17th March 2005

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#1 16 years ago

I have a problem with my server.cfg file! and i have a question for any1 2 answer! Can i make the council admin be able to use all cmd's that exist, cause i cant use npc spawn and punish and mindtrick and so on. here is a bit of my server.cfg: seta jp_instructorAllowedCMD "140016138" seta jp_knightAllowedCMD "207387354" seta jp_councilAllowedCMD "528351182" could u help me to know what to write to make every cmd available on council level? when i use npc spawn it say: you are not allowed to use NPC cmd with your admin rank! and i want to know how to make it available! thanks will be very appreciated! thanks in advance! smilie.gif confusedx.gif


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28th October 2004

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#2 16 years ago

Every admin cmd available: seta jp_councilAllowedCMD 1073741822 But of course you could just use your bitValueCalculator. :uhm: