How do I remove the saber blade? -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

OK I've made a gunblade for JA but I can't find out how to remove the glowing saber beam - or I guess make it invisible.

I tried using the sith sword in MP but that even draws the blade, so is there any way to stop the blade being drawn as below? saber_up.jpg

There are a limited amount of colors for sabers (5 right?) and if you disable one of those shaders to compensate on the gunblade then anyone else who's using regular sabers who choose that color on the server will be invisible to you.So basically turning any of the existing colors "off" is a no can do unfortunately. I can't find a way of adding a new color either btw.

I tried making it a sith_sword which works in SP....but does not in MP (it still has the saber blade in MP). I tried removing the tag_blade1....ended up with a crotch saber - which at least provided amusement :p

[I've basically took two of my posts from Raven forums to make this one here BTW if anyone recognises the text :p. Just in desperate need of a way!]