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23rd March 2008

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#1 10 years ago

There's a mod that I am working on, and what i want to do is have a menu similar to what wector used in his movie duels mod, like you chose which mission you want to play, and which character you want to play as. Is there anybody out there that know's how this can be done, or know of any tutorials that can help me out? Most of the ones I found were for jk2 only.


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21st August 2008

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#2 10 years ago

[COLOR=Navy]So you want to crteate new menus, or example select the missions? I made a few of this, what's nice, but I didn't read tutorials, only I looked the basic files, and I tried, how does it work:D Sorry, I can't to write it in English, because that's hard to me to write in Hungarian too...only if you made something, and you don't know a part of this, I'll try to help you:D But I can't to write everything, what I know from it, sorry...[/COLOR][COLOR=Navy] Good Luck:D //I hope you thinked it, because I couldn't understand everything from your post:D [/COLOR]