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#1 16 years ago

Hi! (first of all sorry about my English, Im a stupid german) Im not a newbie in editing models but in editing JK3-Models. Where can i find the models and is it possible to import the character into 3dsmax? i tried to use Milkshape3d but i think the player-models are *.gla files and it is not possible to import that format. I know how to use 3dsmax but not how to get the playermodels into 3dsmax. Pleace help a stupid boy who wants to create a short movie and want to have JKA models as actors. Thanks.


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#2 16 years ago

you need to get the .glm importer from this site the model is a .glm file but when you import it it wont have the skeleton attached to it so there are some time consuming things youll have to do to get your new model in game


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#3 16 years ago
Im a stupid german

Most of them are ^_^

And what you need is an xsi importer\exporter. For the exact details look for a tutorial.