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#21 15 years ago
The Gaming Forums GuidelinesThe Gaming Forums Staff Please ensure you follow the instructions given by the forum staff at all times. The staff works hard to keep Gaming Forums a fun place to be and any disrespect will be result in appropriate punishment for the member concerned. If you have an issue with a Moderator, please consult a Super Moderator privately who will then take action to resolve the dispute. If an escalation occurs the final decision on the matter will rest with the Gaming Forums Senior Administrators.

i have asked you to refrain from continuing this in public. it does not give me pleasure to remove the access rights of gamingforums members, but if it becomes necessary i will ensure that it happens.

you have been given the opportunity to discuss this with me or, if you wish, my colleagues, in private. you are not fully aware of this situation and are only going by what you have heard from other people. i suggest you rethink your course of action regarding this matter.

[email][/email] is available if you wish to continue with this, but it will not be discussed in public.

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#22 15 years ago
GothiXNo,not "in private". That'll simply cause the same effect as what happened to Wade. Editing a post in which I state that it shouldn't have been allowed to ban Wade, which is just an opinion, is downright power abuse.

wade cried like a little baby that had his bottle taken away because we closed his threads.. he made multiple threads about a topic that was initially closed because it was not appropriate. (that is against the rules, you don't like it? tough, you agreed to them when you registered) You keep this up, you can join him on his own forums where he'll say whatever he wants. Wade has proven to be an immature little kid that is trying to sound like he knows what he's talking about with big words he gets from a thesarus. There is no reasoning with him because he's too much of a dullard to realize that he's wrong. He has an obsession with an admin, and guess what.. we don't give a rats ass what happens to him.. I joined in the argument to try and settle it reasonably. He'd rather have some sort of riot about it, why? Because he's a child looking for attention any way he can get it. You know in the movies about that ignorant fool in a crowd that always disagree's with the person speaking because he's so close minded? that's wade. Notice you haven't been banned for speaking your mind.. that's because despite his best intentions to prove otherwise, we don't ban you for speaking against the administration. He was banned for repeatedly breaking the rules. Like it or not, there are rules to follow, and responsibility with that freedom of speech we ALLOW you to have here.. it's not an entitlement for you, this site is privately owned, you have no constitiutional rights here. When an admin makes a decision, public outcry isn't something we want, therefore a RULE is to email in private. You can't do that, then leave, or we'll force you to. That's not abusing power, no matter what you call it, it's called disciplinary action. Something I'm sure you're not used to in school because I'm sure you're the kid getting the swirlies and doing the homework of some kid who will beat the crap out of you. He can throw the biggest hissy fit he wants to, he's not coming back, and he's not bringing down this community. Try as he might, he's not important.. in a week this will be behind us and we won't care 2 shits about him or his vendetta against the administration. He's a pathetic person for even trying to, he's no more important to me than any other banned individual, and as such has absolutely no say in how things are run here. You act mature and show respect in the way you ask questions, you'll be amazed how nice we can be. This wade discussion is closed. Any other threads open regarding it and they will be closed. end of story.

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