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16th March 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Alright how many of you are familiar with electric palaces? or power stations power plants etc, most of you should be, anyways i local power station here stands out among most i've seen its internals are unlike any other, its exterior is even rarer, for a power plant however i'll apolize in advance, i know i cannot map i've even tried and still understand nothing of radient, anyways lets cut to the chase shall we. the power plant was the part of the tornoto power company, and the first amjour generating station in niagara falls, built in 1906 i believe it was, the station was decomissioned in the 70's cause of a bent turbine shaft, modern today its being either place back into service (doubtful) or converted into a musem however i found it too be a spacius area.

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i have more images and so does the net, this is an idea and i know a turbine power plant has not been done yet in jka. naturally if you fell into the water in the image your life is basicly over, you;d go into the penstock and down a bit till you hit the turbine blades, then you'd exit via the pipes. theres some diagram blueprint like images out there as well. its something i'd do myself but radient is out of my reach.

must have been a bad idea, lol