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#1 12 years ago

ok you know how doors can be unlocked by keys well i need help in makin a door like that or atleast one that is activated by a switch,if youre gonna help be extremly specifiec like for the door what do i put in key: and value: and so on also i would like to know how to do cinametics just to give my sp campaign some extra spice :) be specifiec on both plz ...thx


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#2 12 years ago

Check the door's Locked flag. Target a misc_security_panel at the door, and give the security_panel a message key value. Then either place item_security_key somewhere with a compatible message or give an imperial officer a compatible message if you want him to drop the key when killed.

You can also do it manually either by using triggers and other entities or by using scripts. A locked door will unlock when triggered, so a trigger somewhere should do the trick as well. You could fake all the effects with good scripts as well, which would be necessary if you wanted a more fancy key or a way to get the key or something else not served well by the simplest method, like a security_panel different from the basic JA one (without replacing the model).

Check the stickied thread for some basic cinematic / camera tutorial. I'm sure there is some mentioned, like Kengo's old tutorial. Other than that search this forum and study the original Raven scripts.