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#1 14 years ago

As an introduction, i am TySpLoeViL who has been playing the JK series for 6 years. Basically, i was playing melee mod for a while and suddenly felt that a samurai type mod might be quite a good idea. First of all, i am not sure whether such an idea has been posted here b4, but this is how it might work, it could be mp/sp and would concentrate on samurai vs samurai and ninja vs samurai or ninja vs ninja fighting. This idea is sort of practical if you think about it, cos there are already well done katanas and such out there, and we can apply the basic idea of force-powers to ninjas. The samurais would be extremely powerful swordsmen who do not have much acrobatical skills, employing powerful melee weaponry and their slashes are mostly lethal. Thus a good defense system such as MBII could be used to simulate such combat. There should be lots of blood too and dismemberment, and thats the exact problem with JKA engine and it gets boring to see enemies entirely scared and bloody when their not dead. They would have much stronger armor compared to ninjas, and employ various weapons such as bows, spears and katanas. The ninjas are an opposite case, making use of their stealthiness and nimble bodies and performing impossible acrobatic moves and quick blows to avoid powerful attacks from samurais, then backstabbing them. Weapons would include shurikens (although these were really used for distraction), daggers, short swords and sickles. Basic force power settings would enable the basic movements of ninjitsu. Ninjas will be able to perform cartwheels, rolls, backflips and glide jump. Ninjas are weaker than samurais in terms of hp. The mod could be mp or sp. Storyline based if sp, teamplay based if mp. In multiplayer, samurais would engage in massive attacks such as penetrating the defenses of another clan's fortress or even on-field battles. Ninjas would be in small numbers to wipe out another clan's ninja's or eliminate the shogun of a samurai clan. I have no experience in mapping, skinning or modelling, and thus whatever i have spoke of are ideas that mappers and modders can consider or dismiss. Thanks for the attention and time.


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#2 14 years ago

Me an a friend are working very hard to get a mod almost exactly like this, so far we have the swords and im working on maps, and i wanna get my model to compile but may have to buy 3dsmax or something to touch it up but meanwhile some models have been generously donated by Jimesu Evil, however our mod were workin on is only single player and concentrates on the rise of power of the Tokugawa Shogunate including the battle of sekigahara this will be a massive battle and it will ahve a storyline and ninja :D [still trying to figure out some effective ways to make the Fps faster (hard with like 150 NPCs)] anywhos ya it will be basically what you posted here with the dudes havin like massive health and sword skills.

We are also planning on making some crossbow and yumi(normal bow) and some blood and basic dismemberments (looks really bad and is totally unrealistic to have someones torso fly off)