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#231 12 years ago
AmonRa;4643479Perhaps JKA Galaxies could offer you some inspiration, we have a large team, and a huge goal, we could always use the extra help, so if your interested then contact me on msn or email: [EMAIL="amon@live.com.au"]amon@live.com.au[/EMAIL] If you dont know much about the mod yet, then this is the website: JKA Galaxies Mod

Sounds intresting, and yet another opportunity for me to spread my work!


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8th January 2004

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#232 12 years ago

Oooo, I have an idea! It's kinda sketchy except I don't even have a sketch right now, but I was thinking a saber that maybe has a transparent section that shows the inner crystal? Sortof like Starkiller's, but mixed with the idea of that glass lightsaber that was released recently.

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#233 12 years ago

I don't have any sort of concept sketch for this, it's simply an idea (I might draw something up later, if you like the idea) but how about some sort of clockwork sabre?