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Jose Carlos

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29th March 2006

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#71 11 years ago

Sadly enough, this post is not about what you were probably hoping for. I post this to tell you all that I'm taking an extended time-off from.. well, everything. As such, it'd be a shame to let this waste away on my hard drive. I've uploaded the work I've done thus far, so that anyone who has the time and drive to finish it may do so. There's a little file included in the archive, which tells all the would-be modders what they need to know regarding the work already done. The model itself is in .obj format, so most modeling programs can import the file. To those who were hoping for me to finish it, all I can say is a very insincere "sorry". To those who think of continuing this, I wish the best of luck.


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29th October 2006

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#72 11 years ago

thank you Jose Carlos