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22nd October 2006

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#1 14 years ago

First of all, Thank all of you for indulging my questions. I usually try to spend 30-40 minutes reading the forum before posting and I appreciate your patience if I repeat something. O.K., enough butt-kissing. I've edited my .arena files so that I'm only getting the bots i want on the maps I want, and I know the in-game command (amforce) to place them on specific teams. My final question is: Can I set the teams (either red/blue or lightside/darkside) via the .cfg file or the .arena file? Is the ingame command my only option? T'Baby

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#2 14 years ago

It's done exactly the same way in JA- as it is in baseJKA.

So, yes, you'll have to use either the bots menu, or force them to change team when they're already in-game.

Alternately you could configure the server to force team balance, in which case it will automatically distribute the bots between both teams evenly. However, you have no control over who goes where - the game just makes sure it's a fair match.

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