Lightsaber's Hilt - How to make it invisible? -1 reply

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#1 7 years ago

Let's say that I've made a sword named "saber001" inside a new .sab file. I must make it invisible, but not through typing saber's model as "none" because I want it to create a splashback + knockback trigger and when the hilt's path is "none", then it properly hits the ground and play a bounce-off sound although the pushing trigger isn't created. I tried various methods but all of them bring the same effort.

saberModel "models/weapons2/noweap/noweap.glm"

With this model, saber works properly. If someone else needed the answer, then it's above. Topic might be locked.


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#2 7 years ago

givin my repulse a try? u could make a shader for it rendering it invisible 2 =)


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#3 7 years ago

What's the most important, it works properly. Still trying to find all bounce-off anims and replace them. Eventually fix my force push Since "saberModel "models/weapons2/noweap/noweap.glm"" meets my expectations I don't need to make a special shader for another model.