Looking for an Icarus scripter to help with a modzorz. -1 reply

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9th February 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Well ive been planning to make a mod for quite a while now, and im looking for a willing Icarus scripter to help Me with it. The mod is called [SCA] Clans' HyperSpaceMod. no, its not nessessarily a clan mod, its a mod being made by our clan team here at www.getphpbb.com/phpbb/?mforum=jk3scaclanforum Unfortunately, none of us are capable of Icarus scripting, so we need a scripter. Most of the scripting will involve Adding new lines of code for admins, an improved vehicle system which will involve adding lines of code for a better targetting system for vehicles, coding for an RGB saber system, extra guns and much much more. Not all the details have been finallised yet, as until this point i have been working on this pretty much by myself. Hatrus has been working on some models for the additional guns, and ive been working on extra effects for the new guns, and a better menu that will support the mod. And also any other Help is appreciated, regardless if you can actually script icarus code or not. Thanks and keep it real, Mattorz