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23rd October 2010

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#1 7 years ago

Hello! I'm Ethan Kase (As my username suggests). Basically I mean to post asking for somebody to reweight a model for me.

I'm a former Role-player, looking to get involved again in the community. However there really isn't an ideal model out there for my character, so I mean to make a few edits to a few pre-existing models (I have permission). I'm not going to write out what I need in this thread, but if any of you are interested I will explain to you what the general idea is via email.

Ideally I would ask somebody in my roleplaying community to help me out, but we currently have no active weighter/modelers.

Please email me at [email]Garrett.Ivy@gmail.com[/email] if you would be interested! While I can't offer any money, if any of you play WoW or swtor, I'd be happy to give a donation to your ingame accounts.

Another option would be... to tutor me! I've tried modelling in the past, and failed horribly. However I always attempted such things by myself, and never with a tutor.

So please, please, please consider it! Again my email is [email]Garrett.Ivy@gmail.com[/email] Also have MSN messanger (Garrett.Ivy@gmail.com). If you contact me, I will quickly sumarize what I need (I don't think it's too much, but I'll let you decide that).

I don't mind if anybody posts replies, but I'd really rather have this done via email :)

EDIT: I don't need any skinning work done, I am perfectly capable of doing that myself. I just need somebody that will reweight/minor modelling edits.