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#1 13 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a model of Lott Dod (pictures at the bottom), the Trade Federation's senate representative, as the Freeworlds 24/7 Role Play Server is going to be holding a Role Play event in the Senate Halls. I can not find a model anywhere, and have spent hours searching for one (just so you know im not just being lazy and asking some one to do it without looking through what has already been done).

I understand that not many people would be able/willing to do this, but i would greatly apreciate it if some one could try.

I know i might be asking a lot, but if some one could make the model and some one else (or the same person), as the event is either going to be this saturday or next, i apologise for the short time frame that would be involved.

Thanks in advance,


Pictures of Lott Dod: movie_bg.jpgeu_bg.jpg