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19th October 2007

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#11 11 years ago

One .dll is all you need for a serverside mod.


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27th September 2006

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#12 11 years ago

Indeed. Here's the usual layout of a mod:

Server-side jampgamex86.dll :: Handles running the actual server instance including all client information, events, entities, etc. Any non-base maps you wish to be playable

Client-side cgamex86.dll :: Handles in-game play and client-side prediction like movement uix86.dll :: Handles all the menu behaviour Any effects, maps, animations, models, skins, menus, etc

I think that's it? o_o' So yeah, just the one .dll :P


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23rd October 2006

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#13 11 years ago

Fiarr - Thanks for the download link, couldn't find it anywhere. I'm trying to get a JKA Lugormod server up and running again...I had moved on to other games but nothing is as easy/fun to map for as JKA so I'm setting my server back up.

Only problem, the old Lugormod releases were a folder that dropped right into the GameData folder. This one is simply a .dll. I'm assuming you made a /lugormod directory in GameData like you did on T2 and previous releases? I can't figure out how to run this version.

Sorry for reviving a 3 week old thread, but I want to get back into JKA.


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9th May 2008

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#14 11 years ago

The .dll generates all the files you need.

  • open Program Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Gamedata\
  • make a folder titled "Lugormod"
  • put the .dll there
  • go back to Gamedata
  • open notepad (not wordpad or microsoft word)
  • type .\jamp.exe +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg +map t2_trip
  • go to file
  • click Save as...
  • type "StartDedicated.bat" as the name without the quotes
  • go to type and change it from "Text document(*.txt)" to "All files"
  • press save
  • double-click "StartDedicated.bat"
  • have fun

as for your server.cfg :

// Server Config // gametypes // 0 = FFA // 1 = HOLOCRON // 2 = JEDI MASTER // 3 = DUEL one on one tournament // 4 = POWER DUEL // 5 = SINGLE PLAYER // 6 = TEAM DEATHMATCH // 7 = SIEGE // 8 = CTF // 9 = CTY // 10= BATTLE_GROUND

seta sv_hostname "€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€" seta g_motd "Hai there!" seta g_enterMotd "Hai" seta g_motdDispTime "10" //Seconds rconpassword "chooseoneurself"

seta sv_privatePassword "makeurown:P" seta sv_privateClients "0"

// ------------------- Additional Master Server List ------------------- seta sv_master5 "" seta sv_master4 "" seta sv_master3 "" seta sv_master2 "" seta sv_master1 "" // --------------------------------------------------------------------

seta g_meditateExtraForce "0" //You get no extra force when meditating when 0 seta lmd_closeChatRadius "512" //512 is default seta lmd_logArchive "1" //Log daily archives of chat. Useful when looking up people in the logs seta lmd_admingodlevel "0" //0 means noone has god profession seta lmd_adminCheatsLevel "3" //Doesn't work when 3 :'( seta lmd_saveAllPlaced "1" seta lmd_accBaseDays "49" //Days you automatically get when making an account seta lmd_accLevelDays "7" //Days to add for each level. seta lmd_accMaxDays "100" //Max days account is active before being deleted without login seta lmd_vehCloaking "1" //INVISIBLE VEHICLES! (allows you to use cloak with vehicles) seta dmflags "0" //No fall damage is 8 seta lmd_DataPath "default" //Where to save all of our data seta lmd_enforceentwait "600" //Something to do with delay seta lmd_spturrets "0" //Don't remember seta lmd_stashrate "6000" //Stash Respawn rate in ms seta lmd_stashcr "100" //Credit range from stashes seta lmd_startingcr "450" //Amount of credits you start with when registering. Keep under 600 for balance seta lmd_stashdepotime "15000" //Time needed for stashing deposits seta lmd_experemental_demp2altfirescale "0" //Don't touch, screws up server seta lmd_maxsameip "3" //Max connections from 1 IP seta lmd_autobansameip "1" //Automatically ban the IP when too many connections come from it. Refers to the lmd_maxsameip CVAR seta g_dontloadnpc "0" //Don't touch, messes up maps seta g_allowblacknames "1" //Allow black player names seta g_noVoteTime "10" //Time in minutes that must pass per map before a vote can be called. Disabled when g_allowvote is 0 seta g_scorePlums "1" //Don't touch seta g_checkSkins "1" //Keeps evil player skins away seta g_chickenTime "20" //Amount of time in ms a player has to wait before /killing themselves in a duel. Affected by the CVAR allowing duel suicide seta g_fixShields "1" //Changes the shields or something seta g_maxVoteCount "2" //The maximum number of votes a player can make. This does not affect admins seta g_nameForServer "PIE" //The server name when talking with RCON. seta g_duelForcePowerDisable "32765" //No idea seta g_meditateProtect "1" //When 1, makes you invincible when meditating seta g_pickupDisable "64" //No idea seta g_cmdDisable "64" //No idea seta g_voteFix "0" //If the yes votes are greater than the no votes on a vote completion, then consider the vote passed seta g_disableBail "0" //When 1 disables players bailing out of a flying vehicle when it is still airborn seta g_kingTime "600" //Number of seconds the 'duel king' has to find another opponent to duel before they loose king status seta g_tmpBanTime "35" //Ban time for temp bans seta g_cmdLvlFile "cmdleveldefs.cfg" //Admin command level file seta g_profanityFile "" //Foul language file seta g_gameMode "0" //FFA is 0, keep it that way seta g_grapplingHook "1" //Makes stun baton a grapple hook when 1 seta g_inactivity "0" //After being inactive for this amount of time you will be kicked 0 is disabled for afk people seta g_showDuelHealths "1" //No idea seta bot_honorableduelacceptance "1" //Lets bots challenge you and you fight them when 1 seta bot_forcepowers "0" //Allows bots to have force. Like giving monkeys 5k bananas. That's a no no seta sv_allowDownload "0" //NEVER TURN THIS ON! ALLOWS PEOPLE TO TAKE MEH SERVER.CFG FILE! seta g_noSpecMove "0" //0 means you can move when spectating set timelimit "45" //Timelimit per map seta fraglimit "0" //Frag limit per map. 0 is unlimited - recommended seta duel_fraglimit "15" //Ignore seta capturelimit "30" //Flags that must be captured before it's over...ignore seta sv_pure "0" //DO NOT TURN ON! ALLOWS NO ACCESS FOR ANYONE! seta bot_thinktime "100" //No idea seta g_botsFile "bots.cfg" //Bot file set bot_nochat "0" //This didnt work for me seta bot_enable "1" //Bots enabled seta bot_minplayers "31" //Leaves one client slot open on 32 slots seta g_stepSlideFix "1" //No idea, don't touch seta g_autoMapCycle "0" //Leave 0 so server stays on rotation seta sv_floodProtect "1" //Leave 1 so noone floods the server and crashes it seta sv_maxclients "10" //Max players total. Set by my host, don't change. seta g_privateDuel "5119" //Don't touch, no idea seta g_saberLocking "0" //Crashes server when 1 seta g_slowmoDuelEnd "1" //Works sometimes seta g_forceRegenTime "0" //0 is fast regeneration seta g_allowVote "0" //0 means only admins with the command level can call votes seta g_dismember "1000" //No idea seta g_maxforcerank "0" //Disables force from non registered when 0 seta sv_fps "40" //Makes for a smoother ride //Map Cycle set d1 "set g_gametype 0; map t3_hevil; set nextmap vstr d2" set d2 "set g_gametype 0; map t2_trip; set nextmap vstr d1" vstr d1 exec botadd.cfg

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