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25th March 2006

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#1 15 years ago

I'm making my own JKA movie soon, once I finally get down the final ideas of a story, and I'd rather use some "sets" so to say of my own idea rather than just using everyone elses'. The maps I need are quite complex, some of them, so I need someone who can do something like Coruscant Heights or some other big map. The first map I need is this sort of grand mansion that is going to be used in the end shootout finale. I need it to look similar to this....

This is the closest thing I can find to the vision of the mansion I need. It doesn't have to be EXACTLY like that, but I'd rather have some columns in the entryway and maybe not the towers, but that sort of design. On the top there is a small helicoptor vehichle, no weapons, just for escape. Other vehichles include a bunch of army trucks and helicoptors that are hidden and camoflauged in a small forest right across from the mansion. Of course the mansion is gonna have a wall and a gate and statues and stuff. There are no specifics for the inside of the mansion, just make it look fancy you know. Though, maybe have the foyer with a huge chandalier or some other ornament that is breakable and can fall. It's important though that the helicopters in the small forest are like this

The next part of it is basically the same exact map....only the whole thing is destroyed, or er..nearly destroyed. The mansion is partly on fire, the floor is cracked, the stairways are cut off, and just a basic scene of destruction and pillage.

Anyone willing to map this out I am greatly grateful. If you are 100% sure, give me your e-mail, I want to have specific music for this map.