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#1 10 years ago

Hello, im new to jka modding and I need some help.

Ive been trying to make a map thats all cel shader to make it look cartoony but I don't know much about shaders so I just fiddles with the cartoon clone wars shader and need to know if this would make my textures cel shader:

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textures/pxpack1/basicground { q3map_nolightmap { textures/pxpack1/basic ground rgbGen identity } }

As I said i just edited the packs shader.

Also I now with some terrain making programs you can blend the textures to make it look nice but is it possible to blend your brush's textures in gtk? (im making my terrain in gtk and need to blend) (gtk1.5)

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#2 10 years ago

Actually, that shader isn't even close to what you want. It's even missing a lightmap stage.

From what I've read, if you want a map to be cel shaded, it has to be compiled that way. Google search a cel shader tutorial, Szico VII has one out there.

About making terrain with texture blending...I would advise against doing that in Radiant. Use EasyGen for that, it's much much easier. :)