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#1 11 years ago

Where can I find the latest version of md3view (which, according to what I have heard, is 1.6)?

Don't tell me I haven't looked for it myself. It is impossible to find the file in the database.. because it does simply not exist there. Here are the two possible places for the md3viewer version 1.6, the jk2 and jk3 utilities sections in the files.

Here are all the modding tools for JKJA:;3000

No md3view in any of the downloadable files there.

Here are all the modding tools for JK2:;697

Not too many tools there. I was not able to find anything useful. I found the jk2 editing pack (here, was located weirdly enough in official releases, when there are no such files in JKJA official releases)that does contain md3view, but it is not the most up to date version (1.6), but an older one (1.51).

Please, do correct me if version 1.6 is somewhere in the database, but dont blame me for not looking. Jeez.