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29th November 2003

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#11 13 years ago

menu editing is something you can learn on your own. It's pretty complex, but not difficult.

It's very easy to define buttons, text, transitions and such. What's great, is you can learn by simply looking at what raven has done. Working with only the uiScrips that raven has however is annoying, and to add more you need to edit the c++ code.


You should try too!

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29th July 2005

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#12 13 years ago

I looked at that tutorial and it seemed a bit difficult, but I think it'll be easier if I see those menus that Raven made.

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16th October 2006

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#13 13 years ago
bobaandySimple for who? Editing menu scripts is pretty hard. Do you know anyone who can just open notepad, sit down, and start typing up a menu? Although im fulling expecting a "yes", thats not really my point. Although i will eail the guy again.

Yes. :cya:


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7th September 2003

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#14 13 years ago

Erm.. Editing the menu is simple really.. Its commented everywhere.. its just overwhelming at first. Just take your time and read what it says.. dont just look but read.

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