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#1 13 years ago

Want to help with the mod called the "Republican's mod"

please post here or contact me bye [email=""]email[/email] or visit my site which is rather basic currently heres the link

we need

These MUST be filled before the possiON 2 can be taken

6 mappers 2 skinners 1 ingame meunu maker 1 person to convert files from skins to npc's 3 music/sounds 3 movies - MUST be able to make movies scenes and make them into roq files


3 people to write reveiws and test the mod


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#2 13 years ago

You might want to post a script/story detailing what the mod is about.


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#3 13 years ago

oh ok The story line will be about a young jedi who is still learning the ways of the force at the jedi temple (good mappers want for temple). At the temple you would be able to train with the force,training sabers and go on missions to help the gallaxy But why i want a good ingame menu person is because i wanted to have some mini leves pretend you load it and it says New Load Controls About When you click New it would come up with a screen asking Begin the jedi life (or something) play clasic battles in classic battle would be maps like luke vs vader final movie obi wan vs anikan obi wan vs vader (obi wans end) obi wan & anikan vs count dooku obi wan vs Jango fett Mace vs Jango fett Qui gon & obi wan vs darth maul and a few more hope that helped