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18th September 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Behold... my latest obsession... the game that is called Assassin's Creed.

I played it when I went round a friend's house and I love it.

It's my birthday near the start of next month and Mum and Dad have bought me an Xbox 360 and the game (with some persuasion and an I.O.U. from me).

I have tried making the throwing knives (albeit, a crappy version) after playing the rather awesome Antioch map (search on

I used the Bow mod (replaces Bowcaster, also on JK3files) as a basis (to the author: don't be offended, if/when/by the will of God when this mod is anywhere near proper completion, I will request permission).

I sorta erased the model. I then replaced the arrow model with a knife-looking thing.


-Texture doesn't work - skin file is correct... what's going wrong? (I use Gmax)

-The stance. It looks weird having the hands there and holding nothing. (haven't used Dragon in YEARS. What stance is it?!)

Since I used the Bow mod as a base, the knives stick in walls, which looks pretty neat, but the lack of texture kinda kills it.


(Pic of it in Gmax - Basic texture, wireframe view and 3D view) (Made using a single 6-sided cylinder)