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8th August 2010

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#1 8 years ago

Hello! I'm Kyle =) I've downloaded a bunch of mods and have ideas for some of my own, but I'm new to modeling (kind of getting the hang of skinning though, so at least that's a start). I tried to do this one on my own, but I couldn't even get the models into the software =/

Anyways, I would really like the head of Luke put onto the body of HapSlash's Obi-Wan. Here's a picture that is exactly what I had in mind: I think it was the cover of a comic or something.

If it's possible, I'd like one with the robe and one without. I wanted to attempt a machinima and it would be perfect.

Please and thanks!


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14th April 2006

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#2 8 years ago

This would make a great skin. It makes sense given all of the post-trilogy material he is in, especially the later books and such. It's a good content.

As for HapSlash's robes, there are enough reskins and things that pop up that I imagine he must give out permission fairly easily but I really wish you luck on finding a modeler to Frankenstein the two. Some modelers might prefer to make their own version of the robes, but that's even more work. Still, you're ahead of me. I'm a mod collector that couldn't get far on modeling or skinning at all myself.