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My first post, wanted to make it semi-intelligent xD

Just a board to discuss what you think would be cool for Jedi Academy. Haven't seen any such ones, and if there are, my appologies. Jedi Temple Siege Map:

An idea that most people should be able to see how cool it would be just based on the name. One team of clone troopers, maybe Dark jedi, and the other team of jedi. If possible, the jedi team should have a limited number of lives and could effectively be whiped out and unable to keep the clones from completing their objectives. I saw someone post an idea to make a Single Player mod of all the movies major battles, and make them as realistic as possible. I think it would be a great idea. To it, I add the idea of the episode 3 yoda versus palpatine battle in the senate. Not sure if this is possible, but I'd accomplish it by giving both characters an impossible amount of saber defence so it'd be hard for either to win by a saber fight, and give them both high force abilities that have to be used as the main defensive/offensive option. Also, for this mod, I'd either let the player choose among those fighting, or force them to play as the one who ultimately wins. I appologise if I'm not on topic. Post your own ideas, maybe some bored, talented individual will find motivation to actual bring one of our ideas to life :P