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#1 7 years ago

I hope i'm not alone in feeling a smidgeon of geeky outrage that the creators of JKA didn't decide to bestow Fett with his trademark EE-3 blaster when they wrote the game, opting instead to give him a frankly blasphemous E11 blaster. Yes, certainly, Luke did cut the gun half in ROTJ, but he still continued using them throughout the rest of his career. And so, with the fantastic EE-3 model on Filefront, made by Pahricida, i was hoping to rectify this glaring (and I mean eyes-wide glowering) flaw by changing the sp Fett npc to have that instead of the default E11. So, the question is, once i've secured permission to do so, how do I go about it?

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This can be used to edit the story mission Fett?

Nevermind, worked it out ;)