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#1 14 years ago

I accidently posted this in the JK2 section, so sorry for that, so I posted it here. Okay i've really been waiting for a Cyberman Model and a Dalek Vehicle. If Anyone can do this i'd be most grateful

For those who don't know what Cybermen and Daleks are: Cybermen: _41005944_cyberman300.jpg

Daleks: daleks.jpg

I requested the Dalek to be a Vehicle as I think it would be far too hard to model, but if anyone could model it, that would rock. I'd really appreciate a Land based dalek, mabye using the ATST err whatever you call it, since a swoop would move too fast, and a Flying one.

I will post the Cybermen taunt soon.

If I missed anything, or got anything wrong, feel free to correct me, this is my first request so go easy on me.:)

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#2 14 years ago

As a matter of fact I started a Dalek vehicle a while ago but never finished it...