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17th March 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Hi there!

I'd like some kind modeller out there to make me a new model of the Kyle(yes you heard me right :nodding: )model/skin. First of all, I'd like his Shoulder-pad to get spiky. Just a few spikes here and there to make him look a little more cruel. Then also I'd like a new haircut for him. Like Carth Onasi(pic). It looks kind of cool. And for the last thing some cooler boots. maybe also a little spiky? Personally I think cowboy-like boots would fit in. But instead of the star on the heel, a few spikes would emerge. And thats about it. Just make his upper body look like Carth Onasi with a spiky shoulder pad. The boots can be unchanged. But it would really make my day if I got some spiky boots to go along with the spiky shoulder pad! ;) Aaaanyway, whoever takes on this task, I'd like to thank in advance. A truly wonderful person would do it. And it sounds like a tough request but I really need it for my clans RPG server and I can only skin a little bit, not modelling. I tried it but it resulted in me re-installing JKA....:(

PS! When I say "Spikes" I mean like the Zabrak-female horns....