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#1 12 years ago

Hello All My name is June! some of you man know me as RA~Knite~SB.. From the Reborn Angels. Well to make this short ,I'v been trying to model and some reason i just can't get it down.. i have this real cool idea for a model main based on my name i tried this many tims for years,and ask many people.. but no ever came close so if you care to take on a can contact me but this is what i want i want a knight in armor i have a pic i can show ya if you care to take this on ... I know how hard this is for some >>>me but i know some can do this easy.. and I would really be in dept to you for helping me out .. thank you Knite AKA June :0wned: my msn is [email][/email] same with aim and e-mails thank you