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6th October 2007

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#1 10 years ago

gah..im all over the place here, first wanting to finish the Walter skin and now this...well I tried doing a Seras model before, but it kind of went down the drain, but I recently got more..hmm..hyped about it again, after seeing a concept trailer, for the apperently, going to start being made, live-action Hellsing movie...for anyone who wants see the trailer, here it is: Hellsing Trailer

i will try to make it again, but if anyone else wants to, be my guest...i would like a few pointers along the way if anyone could help out, i would just like to know right now, what would possibly be the best way to start up a model? such as make seperate pieces for each part and weld them all together at the end, or make it out of one solid shape??

also here are some more reference pics for those who don't know the character:

Spoiler: Show
Spoiler: Show

I also want to try to get the model as realistic as i can, instead of trying to stay with its anime origins