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#1 16 years ago

Hi there, i've got a model request which i think is quite a simple one, though i don't really know whats hard and what isn't in modeling. If any of you play SWG, you may i recognise what i'm trying to find. Its called "doctor's dress" in SWG, though i like to think of it as a "Teras Kasi Robe". Its a long dress that can be worn by both Men and woman. For those who don't know what it looks like, there are screen shots If possible, i'd like the character to have long black gloves on as well. I'm not really worried about the face on the model, though preferably i'd like it to be like lukes face, only younger. Also if the colors of the robe could be either Blue and Black, or Red and black. The reason is i'd like to have a model that is more civilian than other models, with normal clothes, rather than crazy robes, tight suits and armour. Also, its was the dress uniform of my guild in SWG, as well as my normal wear, and i've kinda gotten to like it. Thanks in advance for checking this out, and sorry if their is a model in JKA that looks identical to this, i did look but i may have missed something. Cheers IAMPHONE