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22nd June 2004

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#1 14 years ago

OK here is my problem, I edited a model using milkshape, all I did was make it beefyer and then I exported it to and md3 file and then using the MD3viewer i turned it in to an glm file. It did give me something about glm files can not have animation so it only took the first frame. When I went in to jk3 I tryied to load the model up,(i made it in to a pk3 file and everthing like normal) it give me noda on the model and skin. The sounds are all working righ but the model is not. In the console it gave me an error on either a bone is messed up(I did not even touch them) or the animation is not there, my question is how do i fix this problem or has anyone else come acrost this problem. Thank you in advance.


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#2 14 years ago

Wrong forum. - Questions about modeling belong in the Mapping, Modeling & Skinning forum.

You can't use Milkshape to export a player-model, because it can't export the bones. You need a program called "3D Studio Max", but it's VERY expensive.