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18th April 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Im still trying to make the sword of Omens work and I'm still doing something wrong, I have renamed the tag to tag_blade, also tried to import the sword from another model, import an already made sword to the file to steal its tag, I've made a new tag and the blade still doesn't do any damage. The sab file I believe its also fine. Omen { name "Omen" saberType SABER_SINGLE saberModel "models/weapons2/Omen/Omen.glm" soundOn "sound/weapons/sword/draw1.mp3" soundLoop none soundOff none numBlades 1 saberLength 40 noblade 1 trailStyle 1 soundOn "sound/weapons/sword/draw1.mp3" soundOff "sound/weapons/sword/draw1.mp3" spinsound "sound/weapons/sword/spin.mp3" swingSound1 "sound/weapons/sword/swing1.mp3" swingSound2 "sound/weapons/sword/swing2.mp3" swingSound3 "sound/weapons/sword/swing3.mp3" fallSound1 "sound/weapons/sword/fall1.mp3" fallSound2 "sound/weapons/sword/fall2.mp3" fallSound3 "sound/weapons/sword/fall3.mp3" hitSound1 "sound/weapons/sword/stab1.mp3" hitSound2 "sound/weapons/sword/stab2.mp3" hitSound3 "sound/weapons/sword/stab3.mp3" idleInBack "1" } At least I'm not sure if the shape of the mesh has anything to do with the funcionality of the sword (the hilt of the sword is more bigger or longer than any regular sword because of the circle in the middle), or maybe I should try to import a tag from a lightsaber. I realy don't know. omenet9.jpg

Thanks for the previous help.

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29th March 2006

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#2 13 years ago

I suggest you import it from an existing model, but you'll probably have to rotate it to get the axis right.

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12th January 2007

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#3 13 years ago

I can't figure out your problem but if you'd send it to me I could take a look and see what is wrong