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#1 10 years ago

Before you ask, I looked all over jk3files for this map. I looked through all the map sections that best befit this map and checked them over at least 3 times. I.E. FFA, CTF, Multiple Gamemode sections

I honestly cannot find it, it's strange because I believe I was able to find it easily before...

Well, in any case, I can't remember who made it nor the name of the actual map itself. Only thing I can do is describe it as best I can.

The map itself took place on a forest planet like Yavin I think, and there was a small wooden bridge that led to the inside of an imperial base/academy. When you entered it, there was a HUGE hall that had a big rectangular hole where a bunch of large pipes went down into it, and you had to get to the other side by taking the bridges on the left or right. Beyond that is the actual imperial base/academy, and if I remember correctly, pretty much the whole map except for the very beginning takes place inside.

Won't go beyond that unless needed, that was pretty much the beginning to mid point of the map itself. Any help is appreciated, I've been looking hard for a while now, as I've been wanting to download that map again for RP reasons.


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#2 10 years ago

I'm not sure if any of the following maps are the one you were looking for. It faintly rang some bells in my memory but nothing seemed to fit either. You said you looked but I thought just in case you might have missed something I would put up some unlikely candidates:;45610;30838;96939

Shucks, I don't think any of those are what you were looking for unless I got super lucky...


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9th April 2008

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#3 10 years ago

Sounds to me like that one map by ockniel... its imperial, has a wooden bridge, and is in a forest. :D;52864