Need help with this great kento marek model -1 reply

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15th March 2005

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#21 7 years ago
KingOfDarkness;5653573just because its accurate doesnt mean its ported you have no idea if he made it or not and we never will it is possible he could have made it but everyone sees it and assumes its ported but they dont know the whole story

Actually most of the time when someone says something is ported they do know, and when you know what you're looking for it's really easy to tell. If one person can rip something from a game so can someone else, and they can compare the topology, uv map, and textures to determine if it's accurate or blatantly ripped and ported.



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18th September 2008

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#22 7 years ago

kitty dances for rep!

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4th September 2004

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#23 7 years ago

It's especially easy when the character artist for TFU posted pics of his work at polycount back when the game came out, mainly the Starkiller model in an XSI viewport with wireframe overlay as well as some shots in mudbox.

TFU stuff is really easy to spot.