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26th June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Ok first off, i'm 100% newb at modding, skins, editing, etc...forget that i'm, 150% newb at all of that. I downloaded the avp2 predator model /w mp support and took the time (useing the walkthrough on the top of this forum) to convert the model to a sp playable model. I would like some help on cloaking (makeing the predator model more fun). the MP model has a cloaking feature to it, and i've changed all the file paths to make sure they fit the the file paths I've changed to enable sp support but nothing happens. I would REALLY love some help one how to generate (or in any way) a cloaking model for the predator model i use in SP. I do not want an invisable model (as in just mess up the file extentions so you have an invisable model), but more of a "cloaked" model like some of the remnant officeres have in JK:JA. if anyone can help me or atleast point me in a direction i would be extreamly greatful Ty Adam