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#1 14 years ago

hehe...i would apreciate if someone would help me with 2 simple maping questions.... (using GTK radiant)

1) Could someone please tell me how to get pre-made models on ur map? - like statues or ships

2) How can i cut holes in walls? - like - i want to make a epty place for a door.


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#2 14 years ago

Ok I can help you with that but I'm not good at explaining so bare with me if they aren't good. 1.) to get a model in your map you right click and in the menu that pops up go down to Misc. Then once that new menu opens look for Misc_model and click it. Then it should bring you directly to your models folder in your base. Next, you click Map_Objects and then go into a folder like yavin or something to get a model list used in yavin (trees, ferns, rocks and maybe some others) or if you want an indoor model. Go into something like Imperial. For this I will use crate1.md3. If you click that and hit open on the screen. It should go back into your map with the model there. Now you move it around the way you want untill you get th desired position. Note: with models to turn them you need to use N or the entity window and click on the angles buttons to change it. Also if you just have a model there in game you will just go right through it. So you need to clip it. 2.) To cut holes in walls you first need to select the one brush that you want to cut. Then in your tool look for a button that has 3 dots in like a triangle formation. Click that and go into the top view so your looking down at your map. Make sure the brush you want to clip is sleceted. Now, click on one part of the brush one one side where you want one side of the door to be. Then click on the otherside. Now you should have two dots and a line in the middle. And it should be clipped. Now repeat this for the other side of the door way. Now delelect all the brushes and then reselect the middle one. No go into a side view and clip on each side of the brush where the top of the door is going to be. Hope this helps!