Need suggestions; Sith Council V3? -1 reply

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8th December 2005

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#31 13 years ago

well about the grapple thing, even if you manage that, there's still the case of a jetpack for some things there's absolutly no hope at all of geting passed that one edit: about the modern stuff around, i think it gives i a real better feeling to it, as if it's not out of date. you get me?


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#32 13 years ago

ok when i saw this i had to post the first two sith council maps were great without a dought, i enjoyed all the hidden traps and hidden switches the most, it was a bit of an inconvience sometimes however though with people always blowing up the main hall but it did make things more intresting i suppose. The pillar room was good and i suppose there is little that can be done to stop people been cheap in it but if they want to let them. That is what i liked most about sith council v1 and v2 all the little traps and hidden switches there were good textures ect as well and the outside bit and court in the second one was a nice suprise :)


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30th May 2006

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#33 13 years ago

[color=red]It's a Sith Council, It's supposed to be out of date... <_< If you need any help with the map, I'll lend you a hand. [/color]



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27th July 2006

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#34 13 years ago

1. all the secrets 2. all the secrets that could end up killing you (lol) yeah it would be sweet if you made another sc...i just downloaded V2 2 weeks ago and its major fun...i just hated it when ppl would have the main room blown up, and when you go to duel in there, they'd just kick you into the lava, which is a very pussy way to sure you'll do great though


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30th June 2006

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#35 13 years ago

Yeah this kind of quieted down, are you still working on it or did you drop the ideas all together?


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15th October 2005

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#36 13 years ago

Thats a huge bump.......

He might be working on it, but keeping it in secrecy, which is most likely what I'd do, then pop outta no where with all this awesome stuff.