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#1 12 years ago

Im working on a map that Im thinking of calling CrossRealm. Basically its a map that starts out as a big white void with a single control tower in the center. the control tower will have a council room/meeting area, maybe some other stuff, and a control room/lookout. the control room will be full of buttons with sections labeled for building types, building textures, sky textures, ground textures, and possibly looping ambient sounds. basically when u press one of the buttons for the section it changes a characteristic of the map such as the skybox to white or black or midnight sky or normal daytime sky. building types will allow you to select what buildings u want placed in the map and they will appear on the map when u press the buttons. You can also change the building textures between a set included in the map, same goes for the map's ground texture. So with this map, u can customize it as you play, making it whatever u want it to be.

so far i have these buildings which will be distributed multiple times around the map and set to triggers for customization

-duel ring/colloseum -small building with garage and tower -medium building wih garage and tower with balcony -large building with bridges, towers, and balconies. garage as well - -

ive only decided on a few textures at the moment for the different characteristics

skybox textures -white -black -midnight -day -

ground textures -white -black - - -

building textures -gray metal -concrete - - -

as for the ambient looping noises/sounds or songs im not sure what to include or wether to include them at all.

maybe some of you could give me some ideas for the textures and sounds for the map.

Ill be updating this thread regularly, ill start with some screens of the buildings with the effects in the next post.


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#2 12 years ago

heres some of the pics of the buildings, theyre going to be one solid texture so people get better fps, im thinking of maybe adding a switch to add furniture maybe too.

this is what the void i was talking about looks like

Spoiler: Show

heres the first building type, there might be a few of these on the final map. its a deul ring with the default texture

Spoiler: Show

heres what the duel ring looks like after i press the texture switch for buildings

Spoiler: Show

this is the medium building showing how the buildings appear on the map(by coming out of the ground) and also showing what it looks like when the texture switch is on.

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heres what the skybox and ground look like after i use their texture switches

Spoiler: Show

this is the small building with the second texture

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and here is the large building type from different angles, and an internal view of one of the rooms

Spoiler: Show

:D the idea is that this is a simple looking map that can be altered in multiple ways to however people like it. so please dont get on my case about how bland it looks or about how the buildings are one texture, i dont want to mess up the fps, its going to be a big map with many changing and moving parts, theres a reason for the way it is.


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#3 12 years ago

That night time skybox is pretty damn awesome. I like the idea of this map.