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#1 16 years ago

Hey guys, it's me, Shadepheonix. Well, I've been searching the web a good many weeks searching for good single player models and skins. I found some, but noticably missing was a Barabel. As some of you may very well know, Barabels are a reptillian species from the planet Barab. I want someone to either please tell me where to find one, or make a skin themselves. The reason I want this done is that I think Barabels are just cool. There also aren't very many reptillian things in Jedi Academy. Mostly all the models are humans, rodians, etc. The only real reptilian guy in the game is Desann, and, well, frankly, I think his skin kinda sucks. Come on, he looks like Barney, the happy, purple... Dark Jedi? I think the reptillian species deserve some good representaion here. The best way this could be used would be as a selectable player race in single player. It would also rock if 2 different NPCs could be made. One should be a standard Barabel with a jumpsuit, and the other should be a Barabel jedi. I think you could find some descriptions from Star Wars. I mean, come on. They have to have something. Please, someone take on this project for me. I would be eternally grateful. And I'm sure at least one other person out there wants a good quality Barabel race. And NPCs. Maybe bot support. So please, someone take on this project. Thanks and "May the Force be with you!" -Several wise Jedi Shadepheonix signing off. __________________________________________________________________________ Apologies to anyone offended by this post. Also, apologies for using the word "reptillian" too much. Thank you. That is all.