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#1 14 years ago

Well i just started making my own skins and need a little advice. For those of you that play ed the gmae suffering know of those 3 feet midget majiggies with the syringes stuck in them. Well im trying to make a skin with that concept of a reskin of reborn new. So far i got only the eyes done with a purple background and green pupils. Looks great but i need a few hints and tips.

1. How do i bring the eyes out more and make them kinda.. well glowish. you can see them well in modview but i tested it out in the game, and it seems to be hid under the shadow of the helm on reborn.

2. How would i add somethng to the skin that kind hangs off a body part? For instance like a syringe stuck into the the arm. Do i just shove it in the picture somewhere on what?

3.All i can think of. Any other beginer hints you have laying around greatly apprcitated.

Just so everyone knows, i use Gimp, modview and pakscape. Not sure if that matters but better safe then sorry eh? Anyway any help will be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.

P.S.- I know my spelling sucks.



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#2 14 years ago

1. JAs shadow system isint that advanced as to have cloak shadows. Try using brighter colors or a glow shader. 2.No, you have to model it on. Master sticky. 3. Show your skin to some people first and ask for honest opinions first, noob skins are rarly, if ever, good enough to be loved by people and more often then not people just shoot em down.


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#3 14 years ago

Thanks for that, but I have more questions.

1. I'm basically just screwing around now seeing what happens when i do what, and im trying to figure out how to remove something from a model. Example: trying to remove the hat off of Reborn_new. Everytime i try i get a white verion of the hat in modview.

2. In the above post its said i have to model an objest on. I have no idea of what to do. Advice needed on that.

Ive put my WIP in hold till i get the hang of skinning a bit more. I want my first skin to be at least remotely decent.