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#1 11 years ago

So I'm trying to make my own custom npc for SP. I've got a correct .npc file, wrapped up in the following PK3 directory:

Krevil.pk3 > ext_data > npcs > krevil.npc

This is my .npc file:

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Krevil { playerModel kothos saber single_2 saberColor green saber single_5 saberColor purple weapon WP_SABER saberStyle 1 saberStyle 3 saberStyle 2 FP_HEAL 4 FP_LEVITATION 4 FP_SPEED 4 FP_PUSH 4 FP_PULL 4 FP_TELEPATHY 4 FP_GRIP 4 FP_LIGHTNING 4 FP_RAGE 4 FP_PROTECT 4 FP_ABSORB 4 FP_DRAIN 4 FP_SEE 4 FP_SABERTHROW 4 FP_SABER_DEFENSE 4 FP_SABER_OFFENSE 4 forceRegenRate 300 forcePowerMax 400 rank commander reactions aim 5 move 5 aggression 5 evasion 5 intelligence 6 playerTeam TEAM_FREE enemyTeam TEAM_PLAYER class CLASS_TAVION yawSpeed 140 walkSpeed 55 runSpeed 200 snd kothos sndcombat jaden_male sndjedi kothos health 400 dismemberProbHead 0 dismemberProbArms 5 dismemberProbLegs 0 dismemberProbHands 10 dismemberProbWaist 0 }

I've got this file in my base folder. However, whenever I start up the game, I'm unable to spawn this npc. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?


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#2 11 years ago

Give me a moment, Krevil. I'm going to try and replicate your situation..

[Edit]Okay, Krev, I verified your .npc's functionality. Everything pretty much checks out, except instead of Kothos for the player model, it should be "reborn_twin." This leads me to either two possible causes:

1.) Error in protocol: You will need to activate cheats via "HelpusObi 1" in the console beforehand if you haven't already. You also needn't add a "/" if you are adding that.

2.) NPC Overload: Though this is highly unlikely, your NPC may be somehow receiving the overwrite treatment. If this is the case, free up some NPC space by deleting .npcs you don't need from certain mods in your base folder, maybe reserving a backup just in case you feel the need to use them again.

If problem still persists, we may need more information regarding your game's set up. Don't forget to patch to 1.01 if this hasn't been done yet.[/Edit]