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19th September 2009

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#1 11 years ago

sorry for making such a lame ass thread, but i couldnt find the answer anywhere..i even searched the forums cuz i was really trying to avoid asking on here.. i went thru the master sticky or whatever to find a .obj importer for max 5.. found it.. when i import them tho, it crashes.. crappy.. im trying to rig a model and id hate to have to export it as .3ds just cuz it truncates the names or whatever and makes me rename all the tags and stuff.. so anybody had this problem? or any other ways i can go about doing it? i really hate player rigging anyways,but i promised someone a while back i would rig this,and i got a lil bit of time over the next cuppla days. if i cant figure it out, ill prolly just rename them all, butthats just lame man XD thx 4 the help EDIT: btw, the name of the plugin is Alias Wavefront Importer v4.2 if that helps