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25th May 2005

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#1 14 years ago

ok now as mistress forge knows, my map was stolen from me by the DGS, i was in the clan, they gave me admin in the servers because i said i'd make a map. soon as i gave them the map they banned me, they changed the readme and deny ever knowing me. pwned.gif well, I think mistress forge is working on getting them banned. Well ive taken out teh Pr0n, and stripped their textures. now i need somone to just add some EOI textures on it, due to the fact my PC is down. I am begging for help and I can compensate you for all your effort. thank you for taking time to read this, again this is like a 10 min task and we can do it all thru AIM or MSN. my email and MSN is [email]masterfish@gmail.com[/email] and my AIM is o0F1sh0o THANKZ!pwned.gifpwned.gifpwned.gif i like this emote lol pwned.gifpwned.gif