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23rd March 2008

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#1 10 years ago

How exactly do you place turbo lasers in a map? You know like the ones on The Death Star Trench map that automatically shoot at you. How is that done. What do I need to type for that enities?


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21st August 2008

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#2 10 years ago

[COLOR=Navy]First put a misc_turret, to where you would like to be....and if you would like to it isn't shoot from the ceiling......on the floor...after N you can select a menu, what I forgot, what is this:).....I think floor_top, or something....if I go home, I'll see it:D And you can set radius, to how far can shoot the turret(1024)....and if you set targetname to this, the activer will turn it off....sorry, to I wrote it bad, because I'm in the school:D:D..If I go home, and nobody write to you, I'll see this:D And if you would like to built it in the ceiling(normal version:)), than you should drop the down side of the turret in the ceiling, because if you don't, than it will be downstairs.....:) [/COLOR]