Power ranger ninja storm skin/model and weapon mod request -1 reply

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13th November 2006

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#1 13 years ago

ok i am looking for some one who can do this and can make it happen. my little bro loves playing my ja game. and wanted me to find him a power ranges ninja storm skin/model and there sword that they used. but i could not find them so i figured maybe some one can make them and there weapons. the pics i added where the best i could find i could not find there weapons but if some one does post the pics. so plz some one be nice and do this so i can get my little bro off my back.


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21st September 2004

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#2 13 years ago

lmao.. nuff said.. :rofl:

haha but if someone does it, and its good, i might just download it and go "Melee" on the servers instead of with those over rated sabers :uhm: lol


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#3 13 years ago

ROFLMAO!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'll make it for you just because you made me laugh this morning.


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9th May 2007

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#4 13 years ago

what so funny about it he likes them i dont like this version of the Power Rangers but if i he likes them it should be made