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12th March 2011

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#1 8 years ago

i never released anything before so i was wondering if you all could take a look at it first and tell me what you think and give me some pointers. the sampling rates are correct i dont get any red in my consul from it. this isnt just a couple taunts like most sound files, every file is unique. there´s 1 2 &3's for anger, combat, deflect, gloat, jdetected, jchase, jlost,etc. the reason why i made this is so said npc is almost constantly saying something during a fight in order to add a more dramatic feel to saber fights. pm me and i´ll send it to you.

ps i have dooku, old ben, vader, and anakin light and dark sounds made too. so when this one works out i´ll release them too and make some more chars.