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#1 13 years ago

Now I'm not really a fan of the GAME, but I am a fan of the storyline and characters. I think you all would agree that even LOOKING at Pyramid hHad makes you shit bricks. Imagine how freaky it would be to be walking down a bridge in...say ffa5/taspir. And the door opens, there is a giant blood covered, masked freak of nature standing there with a HUGE bloodthirsty butcher knife looking at you. The butcher knife is ubered to do a one-hit-kill and this...thing starts walking toward you. So you have no choice but to flee in terror as this unstoppable killing machine is slowly but surely chasing after you faster than you can run!


Despite looking fullon insane if Pyramid head were to be in an FFA jumping around slaughtering noobs, I think RPers would benefit so much from this. There's already a Silent Hill map, so why not Pyramid head? If anybody is up to making such a model, I guarantee it would be worth it. I'll offer to skin it aswell unless someone better can step up to the job. What do you think?

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#2 13 years ago

There is already a thread about this, you should read the page cause it's almost at the top of it. I made that thread and PH is already being made as well as his knife.



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#3 13 years ago

thats a big ass "knife"

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#4 13 years ago
Mudkip;4032738slowly but surely chasing after you faster than you can run!

Err, did that make sense?