Rain (well, spacedust) effects in a map. -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

Well, what I've got seems straightforward.

-Small-ish box surrounding a space station, textured with "textures/system/inside". It's detail. -Slightly bigger box surrounding that box, textured with "textures/system/weatherzone" and made a misc_weatherzone. -Next to them, an fx_spacedust. -Surrounding all this, a big-ass skybox.

No spacedust in sight. I'm sad. I've tried variations with a textures/system/outside box just inside the skybox, but that didn't work either... I can't find any indepth tutorials that cover outside/inside well. Although I remember there being a good one.

On a semi-related topic, does anyone know where's that Raven forum that has a BRILLIANT entity sunlight tutorial and a really indepth weather tutorial?