Random Weapons Pack: Suggestions? -1 reply

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4th September 2005

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#61 13 years ago

Seriously, posts are there for people to read.

Inyri ForgeI don't really like modeling guns


And FYI, you shouldn't go around calling games "classics" until you've learned what a "classic" is.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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#62 13 years ago

I have learned what a classic is. Urban Dictionary says, "Something of long lasting entertainment". DooM and Quake 1 and 2 were classic games to me. They may not be to you, but they are/were for me.


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18th March 2005

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#63 13 years ago

thats too bad you want take gun requests.. i was thinking the same thing as omega with P38.. but the mauserC96 would be very awesome http://www.gamasutra.com/galleries/visual_art/jaroslav_turna/jt_work5.jpg

but for something to replace the lightsaber, how about the assassin hand blade from assassin's creed http://www.noooz.com/archives/gfxbin/2006/05/Picture%201.png http://img.hexus.net/v2/internationalevents/gc_2006/ubisoft/ac_large_1.jpg http://assassins-creed.com/images/Weapons/wrist_blade.JPG http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/8/81/200px-AC-Altair.jpg http://www.planetrenders.net/renders/albums/userpics/13052/normal_assasins-creed.png maybe it could use the desann saber style not sure if you can make the actual model retract or not...but even if you cant it would still be cool