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purple is a girl color

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13th July 2005

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#1 15 years ago

i know in photoshop, you can select a portion of your skin and shade your selection a different color, i saw bael do it in baels skinning tutorial,i was wondering if there any way to do this in paint????? the reson im asking is cause my copy of adobe photoshop 5.0 dosent have a activation code on it for some reson it would also help if some one could tell me were on the box the ppl at adobe are hiding my serial code... :uhm: (the avarge length for double bladed light sabers is 32!!! not 40!!!, just a bit of advice for all you saber modelers, who might be reading this)



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4th October 2004

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#2 15 years ago

Look on the CD case, either the front center of somewhere on the back. Second: there is no way to do it in paint, but you could get a free image editor like GIMP which could do it.



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15th April 2005

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#3 15 years ago

Paint stinks. It is possible to make a half-decent skin, but it would take forever with little to show for it.

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15th March 2005

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#4 15 years ago :thumbsup: No one should ever use paint for anything but converting bitmaps to jpegs >.